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Reach your weight loss goals, keep it off and develop your healthy lifestyle!



We  realize  there  are  many  issues  involved in  weight  loss.

We  strive  at  every  opportunity  to  offer  caring and  compassionate  service  to  our  weight  loss  clientele. 


While on Ideal Protein, you will have weekly private appointments which provide ongoing support and accountability giving you the best help to achieve your health goals.  Our Body Composition Analyzing (BCA) equipment monitors fat loss and lean mass preservation.  The BCA essentially allows us to ‘see inside you’ to make sure you are losing fat and preserving as much lean mass as possible.  Once clients begin the on-boarding process, they have direct access to our coach for any questions they may have.


To learn more, please attend a free Ideal Protein Nutrition Workshop, presented by our dietitian.  There you will have your questions answered about the program, learn about nutrition, and be able to make an informed decision if Ideal Protein is

right for you.


Call 940-552-2999, Option 2, ask for Rochelle Beam, M.S., or email her at our dietitian and Ideal Protein Coach to sign up for our next Workshop!


We look forward to serving you!


Frequently Asked Questions:

On Ideal Protein, do I have to exercise? 


It is not necessary to exercise in order to be successful with Ideal Protein.  It has been our experience, that after people have reached a healthy weight, they often like to take up exercise protocols as a part of their new healthy lifestyle.


How long do I have to be on Ideal Protein?

It varies for everyone, but is based on how much weight one desires to lose.

How do I know how much weight I should lose?

The beauty of the body composition analyzer is that it measures the exact weight of body fat as well as percent body fat.  Therefore, the weight loss goal is an educated decision and is made based on how much fat one desires to lose, not simply a weight one thinks they should weigh.   


Why can’t I just do one of these popular “keto diets” at home? 


Although the term “keto diet” is very broad and can mean a variety of things, most “keto diets” are very high in fat and high fat intake has been linked to heart disease.  “At home” diets also often lack the all-important accountability factor. 

I have several health issues, how do I know if Ideal Protein is okay for me?  


Before anyone begins Ideal Protein, they complete a profile of their health.  That Health Profile is reviewed by our medical directors before anyone is allowed on the Ideal Protein Weight loss method.  In addition to our medical directors’ approval, if desired, the approval of your personal physician (general or specialist) will be sought.

Why should I choose Ideal Protein at Family Pharmacy over another weight loss program? 

Much of the feedback we receive says what sets us apart from other weight loss plans is the accountability.   With Ideal Protein at Family Pharmacy, you get weekly private meetings with your coach to check your progress. Those meetings include body measurements with a tape measure. We also make sure you are losing fat, help you prepare for upcoming events that may hinder your weight loss and discuss issues specific to you. Also, Ideal Protein Foods are made of all of the 9 essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) to ensure your good health.  These are high biological value proteins which are well digested and absorbed quickly and efficiently.


What kind of technology does Ideal Protein offer? 


You have an app for your cell phone to keep track of your daily intake, watch timely videos which help with motivation and provide education. Weigh-ins occur on our BCA which measure lean mass, fat mass, hydration and overall weight. 


What exactly is lean mass? 

Lean mass is everything in your body except fat.  It includes muscles, bones and organs (also known as all the stuff you want to keep that is essential for life!) 


How do I keep the weight off once I reach my goal?  


After reaching your weight loss goal comes Phases 2 and 3.  In these phases, you are taught what amount of calories and choices of foods work for you in order to maintain your weight loss.  Clients can meet with the weight loss coach for one full year after reaching their goal weight to ensure they maintain their weight loss!

Ok, I’m ready to get started, what is the first step? 

Contact Rochelle Beam at 940-552-2999, Option 2  OR OR complete the form below to receive the necessary forms to get started!

May I read more about Ideal Protein? 


Sure, just click here.

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